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What is DNS?
Domain Name System very well knows as DNS can be known as the phonebook of the Internet. Computers can communicate via numerical series. DNS was developed as a sort of “phone book” that translates the domain you enter in your browser into a computer readable IP.

Nearly some three decades ago, when the Internet was in its infancy, to visit a website you had to know the IP address of that site it was so that computers were only able to communicate using numerical. Being this hectic to remember the Numerical of each and every website was not possible for humans, therefore it was a huge need to translate computer-readable information into human-readable. This concept was made possible by Paul V. Mockapetris an American computer scientist and Internet pioneer, who, together with Jon Postel, invented the Internet Domain Name System.

How Does DNS Work?
Below example will explain you in details, how exactly DNS will work. Now lets consider if you visit a domain, here your system i.e Computer will follow some steps to convert human redable language to machine readbale language which is seiries or IP. Same process is followed by system to each and every domain you visit on your system.

The process takes place in a simple way when you type your domain name such as on your browser via client computer, the client needs to find the IP address where webiste is located on world wide web. Here browser will send the query to the operating system. Every operating system is configured to query certain DNS servers. Typically your ISP or network administrator configures such DNS servers called Resolving Name Server. Resolving name server is unaware of the location of, but it does know where the root servers are located. Next, the resolving name server finds the location of the top-level domain name server to send a query for Each domain on the Internet has an authoritative name server.
Finally, the authoritative name server will give you the exact IP address of This information will come back to t the resolving name server, which caches the information and sends backs an answer (answer to your query what is IP address of to the browser to the correct place. The end result you will see home page.

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