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Back-up mail server
Emails play a very vital role in business communication. It contains business-critical data, which is very much needed for business continuity. That is the reason, it is more important to take the backup of emails, so it can be used for the recovery whenever any disaster happens to the mailboxes/servers. As a name itself suggest back-up mail server helps to keep a copy of emails if needed or can be used to restore in case there is a drive crash or any issue at the server end. Further, we can explain the main goal of the backup server is to provide email availability even if the main server is down. To avoid a sudden data loss once should always back up the emails.

Here are some steps to create To configure a back-up server.

1) Create the same domains on the backup server, make sure you do not create and email address.
2) Set the smart host for each domain to point to the primary server.
This will help to email to deliver to the secondary server when the primary server goes down.
3) This server will accept all email addressed to a domain, and then try to send this email to the primary server.
4) Though the primary server may still be down, the emails will sit in the outbound queue, and be retried.
5) When the primary server comes back online, then the banked up email is sent through. Here we can use MailEnable Standard versionfor the back-up.
6) This will resolve the back-up of the email being received.
7) It will not allow users to connect and send an email out or retrieve it.
8) This is because their email client will be pointing at the IP address of the primary server.
9) To give users access to the services to send/receive the email, consider implementing clustered servers, or a load-balanced solution with one common storage for the configuration data and emails.

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